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August 16 2019

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August 14 2019

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August 05 2019

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August 01 2019

Music Weekly: THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS Expanded Soundtrack 2XLP & Distro Titles!

Hello Clarice,

This week are honored to present an expanded edition soundtrack of Howard Shore's essential, exceptional original score to the 1991 film THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS.

We are also excited to feature two new distributed titles by our friends at Milan Records - the soundtrack to Claire Denis' latest HIGH LIFE, and Disasterpeace's latest UNDER THE SILVER LAKE.

As usual, new releases go on sale on Wednesdays at NOON (CT) via


THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS - Expanded Original Motion Picture Soundtrack 2XLP. Music by Howard Shore. Original artwork by Rich Kelly. Liner notes by Tim Greiving, featuring new interviews with Howard Shore and Jodie Foster. Pressed on 2X 180 Gram Moth Colored vinyl (Yellow and Black Swirl with White Splatter). Also available on 2X 180 Gram Black vinyl. Expected to Ship in June 2019. Ships Worldwide. $35

It's nearly impossible to overstate how brilliant the filmmaking on display is in Jonathan Demme's five-time Academy Award® winning thriller - THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS. All of the film's key players are operating at their absolute best, and that includes Howard Shore, whose operatic, haunting and brilliantly composed score for the film is the synthesis of his masterful collaborations with David Cronenberg in the '80s. THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS is not only an essential American film, it is an essential title for your soundtrack library. 

This expanded edition is produced by Neil S. Bulk, supervised by Howard Shore himself, and mastered by Doug Schwartz from the original two-track stereo session tapes, courtesy of MGM. Featuring original artwork by Rich Kelly, liner notes by Tim Greiving comprised of all new interviews with composer Howard Shore and star Jodie Foster and pressed on 2X 180 Gram Moth colored vinyl (also available on 2X 180 Gram Black vinyl). 


HIGH LIFE - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack LP. Music by Stuart A. Staples. Released by Milan. Expected to Ship in June 2019. Ships Worldwide. $25

HIGH LIFE is Claire Denis’ first science-fiction film, as well as her first in the English language. Starring Robert Pattinson and Juliette Binoche in the lead roles, it tells the story of a group of criminals sent on an alternative-energy finding mission in space. Monte, one of the criminals on board, previously had a daughter, Willow, against his will through artificial insemination, but comes to love her as they near the end of their journey.

UNDER THE SILVER LAKE - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack 2XLP. Music by Disasterpeace. Released by Milan. Contains digital download. Expected to Ship in June 2019. Ships Worldwide. $35

UNDER THE SILVER LAKE is an upcoming neo-noir comedy-drama directed by David Robert Mitchell (IT FOLLOWS). The film follows Sam (Andrew Garfield), a charming yet aimless man who falls in love with his neighbor. Following her mysterious disappearance, Sam becomes an unwitting detective combing through the dark streets of Los Angeles in search of any clues he can find about his neighbor. Sam soon finds himself in over his head as he uncovers a grim conspiracy involving the powerful forces woven into daily life. 


DEAD RINGERS - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack LP. Music by Howard Shore. Artwork by Randy Ortiz. Pressed on 180 Gram Translucent Red vinyl (online only). $30

CRASH - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack 2XLP. Music by Howard Shore. Artwork by Rich Kelly. Pressed on 180 Gram Chrome colored vinyl (limited to 1,000 copies). Also available on 180 Gram Black vinyl. Featuring liner notes by Russ Fischer and etched D-Side. $35

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July 30 2019

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July 28 2019

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July 26 2019

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July 13 2019

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July 11 2019

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